Sew yourself to Łódź!

“Sew yourself to Łódź!” is a series of artistic and educational workshops and events, referring to the history of textile industry in the city of Łódź (central Poland). The aim of the project is think of how old crafts – weaving, textile production, and dressmaking permanently changed the landscape and cultural profile of the city. Through educational activities and art we want to invite the citizens of Łódź to rediscover this heritage and reinterpret it in the context of contemporary Łódź.

The first workshop of the series “Sew yourself to Łódź!” was held on September 10, 2016. On that day, we invited residents of Łódź on an unusual walk. We explored places connected with the textile industry, including the Central Museum of Textiles. In the second part of the workshop we made art works using all kinds of fabrics and materials. The theme of the work was “my dream Łódź”. There was a lot of sewing and decorating and it was also possible to learn the basics of using a sewing machine. The works of individual participants were gathered to create a piece of art – a map of how the citizens of Łódź would like to see their city in the future. We hope that through creative education, interaction and communication between different age groups, the residents of Łódź will become even more active in the ongoing revitalization of their city.

The “Sew yourself to Łódź!” is possible thanks to the support of the Łódź Centre for Promotion and Development of Civil Initiatives OPUS, which awarded us a grant under the “Grant for a better start,” financed from the Programme ‘Civic Initiatives Fund’. Thank you!