About us

The Association for the Promotion of Old Crafts and Culture “Wici” or simply “Wici” (an old Polish term for sudden, important message) is a project by a group of enthusiasts of culture, arts and crafts of old wanting to share their passion with others. We want to promote and educate others about old and in many cases long forgotten techniques for production, arts and crafts. Through our actions with and for local communities, we want to arouse curiosity about and creative use of knowledge from the past. Old crafts and industries that are no longer here, but have impacted the way cities and communities have developed have inspired our actions in the field of civic activism, non-formal education and local identity building (read about our first project, “Sew yourself to Łódź!”).

To share and spread our ideas we engage in educational and artistic activities such as creative workshops for all age and social groups. We also plan publications, exhibitions, and research activities. These stem from our long-standing fascination with anthropology, archeology and history. Moreover, we are avid reenactors of the early Middle Ages! (read about our expeditions in “Travels”)

“Wici” is an idea to combine the past and the present, older and younger generations as well as education and fun. As part of our activities we will support artisans and organisations who bring old crafts and culture to a wider audience as we do.