Erasmus+ EU project Tenerife


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“WICI” Association carries out projects under the Erasmus+ program in the areas of youth and adult education as well as vocational and continuing education and training. We have experience as an Erasmus plus partner in strategic partnerships (Action 2) as well as an organizer of youth workers mobility (Action 1). Our diverse staff includes psychologists and trainers, artists, researchers, educators, and film and photography specialists. We value good communication, partnership, and strive for the best quality cooperation and outcomes.

Preferred topics: cultural heritage, arts and crafts, design, ecology, “slow life”, creative and crafts sector, micro-entrepreneurship, sustainable development, informal education, sensory education, intercultural communication, non-violent communication (NVC), empathetic communication, civil society, cross-sectoral activities (business-ngo-public sector), regional tourism, branding, community work, youth work, the Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia.

Key competences of our staff: planning and making educational films, social photography (photovoice / videovoice), educational publications, research (qualitative and quantitative methods, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, communication of results), popularization of science and cultural heritage with new media, sensory education of children and adults, crafts and handicraft workshops, organization of events, project evaluation, training in non-violent communication.

Contact: Anna Kępa, Erasmus+ project coordinator,

KA1 Youth workers’ mobility


A networking and community-building event for youth workers and non-governmental organisations’ staff from Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, and Romania. Focused on green education and crafts.


A training for youth workers centred around Empathic Communication as a coping tool during and after a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is a follow-up to “Theater by Nature”.

THEATER BY NATURE (2020, Tenerife) 

A training for youth workers focused on non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg), anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner), and applied theatre and drama (Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal).

KA2 Strategic partnerships

TECOFASH (2022-2024)

A strategic partnership to support a performant, competitive and sustainable European fashion industry, focusing on increasing the capacity of professionals from SMEs and start-ups to turn their business toward circular business models and environmental and sustainable innovation.

STARTCRAFT (2020-2022)

A strategic partnership for strengthening entrepreneurship and managerial competencies amongst small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in the crafts sector.