Erasmus Projects

“mentALL and physicALL health” – Polish participants’ testimonials

In October 2023, our association took part in an Erasmus+ youth mobility programme in Cyprus. We sent four volunteers and one youth worker, who are all interested in non-formal learning about coping with stress.

The seven-day training was called “mentALL and physicALL health” and was developed to empower young people to take care of their mental and physical health in a rapidly changing modern society. Under this broad idea, a range of tools and methods were applied to help address issues related to physiological stress and mental tension holistically and effectively.

The programme offered interactive activities such as exercises with specialists, interactive games, simulation and role games, discussions, and handicraft workshops. All the methods come from the non-formal education field and are diverse to fulfil all different learning styles and needs. 

The training was organised by Between Us Cyprus, an informal youth organisation whose members value diversity, social inclusion, and the environment and want to actively engage in European Union projects. The meeting took place in Pervolia, close to Larnaca.

In the WICI Association, we have run Erasmus+ mobilities and partnerships for over 7 years. By now, we can say for sure that such activities, requiring interaction and cooperation with people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, bring a lot of extra value to the private and professional lives of the participants. Many times, Erasmus+ projects take up topics that are not talked about or covered enough in school but are very important for young people. These include emotions, well-being, communication, problem-solving, and environmental awareness. Our volunteers who participated in the “mentALL and physicALL health” training shared a few reflections about what they experienced and took from the Erasmus+ youth exchange in Cyprus. Let’s listen to their voices.

The adventure in Cyprus was my first Erasmus and I have to say that it was one of the best life experiences. I met a lot of wonderful people who inspired me to travel and learn about other cultures. There was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during the workshop, which, above all, opened me up to speaking English without being embarrassed.

This experience helped me break down the language barrier, which was my big problem before the trip, making communication difficult. The workshop also helped me overcome my shyness, and I learned how to express myself through theatre and art. I opened up about my feelings and learned how to deal with stress. All the tips I received at the workshop will certainly make it easier for me to deal with the problems of everyday life.

What I enjoyed the most was the intercultural evening, where the conversations, dances and laughing lasted until the morning! In addition to the workshops, we had the opportunity to visit Larnaca – a city with beautiful architecture, where we could swim in the sea and eat delicious local food, we also took a lot of great and funny photos!

I must admit that the island of Aphrodite stole my heart and will remain in my memory for a long time. I can’t wait for my next Erasmus adventure!


During the week-long exchange, we learned various techniques for dealing with stress. For this purpose, we created various works of art, including mandalas.

We had lots of outdoor physical activities. During one of the workshops, everyone had the opportunity to express their fears anonymously. Then we looked together for ways to solve them. There were also classes devoted to openness and learning mutual trust while maintaining our boundaries and learning assertiveness. There was also an opportunity to learn the basic principles of first aid and self-defense techniques.

And in the background of all this, we learned something new about different cultures. During one of the evenings we sang songs together in different languages. We also had the opportunity to try the traditional delicacies of each of the countries participating in this trip, including Cypriot ones. There was also a trip to Larnaca, where we spent most of the day doing joint activities and sightseeing.

It was definitely an unforgettable trip that allowed us to learn about different ways of dealing with stressful situations in everyday life, as well as getting to know different cultures.


I just came back from an incredible Erasmus training in Cyprus. It was a truly amazing journey, and I’m really grateful for the experience. The people in Cyprus were exceptionally welcoming, and we easily found all the participants when we landed. At first, I was a bit nervous about being in a new country, but it turned out great.

We had a really nice welcome dinner with local food, and the cooks and waiters were fantastic. After that, I was pretty tired from the long trip and just wanted to find my bed. But when we all met on the first night, it felt like we instantly became a close group. Any worries I had just disappeared.

We did this activity where we shared our expectations and fears, and it was really helpful. It made us feel connected and broke down any barriers. The organizers set up discussions, workshops, and activities that helped us understand stress better, form groups, and see things in a new way.

The trainers and the people in the group were so dedicated and inspiring. We created a supportive space where we felt safe to learn and grow. One highlight for me was learning about different types of stress and how to manage it. It’s useful stuff for everyday life, how we talk to friends, and how we deal with people we meet. The stories shared by other participants, their experiences and approaches the questions and issues really touched me and inspired me to manage my emotions more wisely and to become a more understanding person. The big lesson for me was figuring out how to talk about stressful moments in my life. 

One particular activity that profoundly impacted me was the meditation of the senses exercise. Through a guided meditation, I connected with the beauty of nature and became acutely aware of my surroundings. It was a moment of tranquility, a chance to reflect on my journey. After participating in it, I was certain that this activity is something I want to incorporate more into my routine at home.

We faced challenges together, laughed a lot, and felt like a team. And, of course, every day ended with delicious local food, making it the perfect finish. Looking back, I’m so thankful for this experience. I made great memories, new friends, and learned important things. Big thanks to the awesome organizers who made it all happen! 😊