Slavic Festival at the footsteps of Ślęża

Every July at the footsteps of the Ślęża hilltop (around Wrocław) enthusiasts of Slavic tradition gather on a two-day festival. Ancient Slavic communities considered Ślęża a holy mountain. Cult sculptures and traces of worship and offerings were discovered on Ślęża. Nearby the mountain, archaeologists also unearthed burial mounds and traces of settlement in the form of fragments of huts.

During the Ślęża Slavic Festival our Association conducted a ‘natural weaving‘ workshop. We invited participants to assemble their own weaving frames from branches, tie a woolen or linen warp, and then weave on it with grass, flowers and yarns. Beautiful, summer and floral works came to being! We are glad that both reenactors and festival visitors took part in the workshop. Thanks to this common activity we could all get to know each other and integrate.

The Ślęża Slavic festival is a place that connects reenactors, as well as all those who love folk music, Slavic mythology, ancient crafts, art with Slavic motifs and folk fashion. Moreover, the nature environment there is stunning. There were many walking trails which lead to the peak of Ślężą and two other mountains – Radunia and Wieżyca. At the foot of Ślęża there is a small brewery with light and dark beer, well worth tasting after a hike.