The 5th Medieval Games Festival

September started off very actively! Our association took part in the 5th Medieval Games Festival at the open-air museum “Łęczyca Peasant Farm” in Kwiatkówek near Łęczyca, Poland. This event, organized by the Historical Reconstruction Group Leśny Witeź from Łódź, distinguishes a rich program focused on medieval games and plays, as well as extraordinary contests, for example for the best flatbread or historical stand-up. An interesting point of the event was the performance “Loki-sey” (Thinking of ‘Odyssey’? That’s right!) prepared and performed jointly by historical reconstruction groups from Poland, Greece, England and Italy. During the festival our WICIstore stand was open where you could try your hand at knitting on a single needle, so-called naalbinding,  get a grasp of tablet weaving or make your own medieval postcard using wooden hand carved stamps. We will definitely return to Łęczyca, we were enchanted by the tranquility of the open-air museum and the great atmosphere of the whole event.