Craft Tablet weaving

Tablet weaving for beginners

Too shy to teach Are you an introvert? I am. I thought I would like to run workshops and teach tablet weaving. But it turned out that leading a class, organising it, and preparing for it stresses me a lot. In the end, I prefer not to do it. But still, I do want to share what I have learnt about the beautiful craft – tablet weaving. It seems that writing about it is my thing. I like to do research, make graphs, take pictures, and put it all together…

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Museums Tablet weaving

13th century brocaded band from Stary Brzesc, Poland – tablet weaving?

This article is about the 13th century brocaded band from Stary Brześć. If you are here for the tablet weaving pattern (threaded-in), here it is in PDF.  The Archeological and Ethnographic Museum in Lodz, Poland, has in its collection a unique 13th textile find – a very decorative, brocaded passament. The band (in two pieces) was found in a grave in Stary Brześć (Kuyavia, north-central Poland) during archeological excavations in the 1950s. The grave (no 564) belonged to a woman as two temple rings were also unearthed there. The area…

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Craft Interviews Naalbinding

Viking naalbinding stitches

Viking nålebinding stitches – interview with Anna, WICIstore’s naalbinding specialist! What are the basic Viking Age nålebinding (naalbinding) stitches? From my experience in Viking reeenactment, nålebinding makers use four basic stitches named after the place where first needle bound textile pieces were excavated. Oslo stitch – named after a mitten found during excavations in Norway. It dates back to the 11th century. Mammen stitch was named after a find in Denmark, from a grave of a man from the 10th century. Finnish stitch was used in the so called Eura…

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