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13th century brocaded band from Stary Brzesc, Poland – tablet weaving?

This article is about the 13th century brocaded band from Stary Brześć. If you are here for the tablet weaving pattern (threaded-in), here it is in PDF.  The Archeological and Ethnographic Museum in Lodz, Poland, has in its collection a unique 13th textile find – a very decorative, brocaded passament. The band (in two pieces) was found in a grave in Stary Brześć (Kuyavia, north-central Poland) during archeological excavations in the 1950s. The grave (no 564) belonged to a woman as two temple rings were also unearthed there. The area…

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Vikings more thrilling than Columbus? Norwegians cross the Atlantic on a Viking ship for the first time since the Viking Age

If you have ever been to Norway, especially north of Trondheim, you will know it is a vast country with plenty of breath-taking natural sites and a relatively small population scattered along the coast. In mainland Norway and definitely in the north of it, there is always a chance you will discover a completely pristine area where you would want to be one with nature. Norwegians are known for their Arctic expeditions as well as a healthy obsession with the outdoors. As researchers Alex Andersson and Scott Magelssen point out,…

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