Okop settlement

On 11-12 July our Association participated in the historical reenactment event “Grodzisko Okop” near Dębica, southern Poland. The long journey to Podkarpacie was rewarded by a great atmosphere and attractions, which we have been missing already for a long time as most reenacment events were called off due to the corona virus pandemic. Unfortunately visitors and tourists were not allowed to come to event. In the company of reenactors, we spent two wonderful evenings with singing, dancing, and games. Despite the rainy weather and slipping shoes, brave warriors fought amazing battles, and our representatives – Maciej Zając and Aleksander Dynarek not only proved themselves in the fight, but also in putting on and taking off their gear on time. The organizer of the event was the Black Hawk Warrior Team, whom we would like to thank for their hospitality and a wonderful feast.

On the way back we visited the Slavic Settlement in Stobierna near Dębica. The settlement is situated on a picturesque hill, away from civilization. Thanks to its fantastic location and the team of passionate people who work there, it is a place beyond time. In the settlement in Stobierna you can see old crafts demonstrations, try archery and take a break from the city noise. It’s the perfect place for a stopover on the way to the Bieszczady Mountains.