9th Carpathian Troy Festival

One of the most interesting historical festivals in 2019 was the 9th Archeological Festival at “The Carpathian Troy” open air-museum. The Museum is located at Trzcinica, in south-eastern Poland, in Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The site has a truly interesting character, as its website informs, The site where the open-air museum has been built is one of the most important archaeological sites in Poland with major importance for discovering the prehistory of Central-Eastern Europe. In the course of archaeological works, particularly the ones carried out since 1991 by Jan Gancarski, over 160 000 artefacts have been unearthed here. The collection comprises pottery vessels, items made of clay, flint and stone, bone and horn as well as bronze and iron. Many of them are unique, considered to be fabulous pieces of prehistoric art and craft.

The festival was brilliant in terms of organisation and its programme. The location is also an advantage – part of the open-air museum is located on top of a hill overlooking the fields, forests and mountains of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. What to do there? You can explore the ancient ways of construction by looking at various houses from the Bronze and Iron Age. There is also a modern building in which archeological artefacts are exhibited. Up on the hill there is a small cafe where you can relax and simply admire the peaceful beauty of the region.

During the festival our association organised open workshops for children. We invited the visitors to make stamped postcards with early medieval motifs. It made us very happy to see how many children and adults visited our stand and made beautiful postcards. “The Carpathian Troy” festival will hold a firm place in our calendar.