Wolin Festival 2018

The XXIV Festival of Slavs and Vikings took place from 3 to 5 August in the open-air museum on the island of Wolin, Poland. This festival is one of the largest reconstruction events of the early Middle Ages in Europe. It gathers around 2,000 reenactors from over 30 countries. This year, Wolin took place in a truly tropical climate, but it did not discourage several hundred warriors from participation in spectacular battles and group fights. However, our three-person representation was most interested in the presentations of old crafts, which are in abundance at the Festival. In the photos below you can see “mobile” workshops, where skillful craftsmen were showing the secrets of their work to the public, describing the materials and the necessary tools. The unique elements of Wolin were also games and plays, dances, singing and performances of musical groups. There were also lectures on Slavic and Scandinavian mythology and history, as well as, about how we remember and interpret early medieval times, for example in pop culture.