When Bródno was a fortress

During the weekend of 23-24 June our association participated in “When Bródno was a fortress” historical picnic in Warsaw. In the 9th and 10th centuries Bródno, which is located in Targówek on the right bank of Vistula, was a fortified settlement. At this archaeological site, already a second reenactment event was organized by the Arkona historical reconstruction group in Mazovia and the Positively Historical Association. The event was rich in attractions such as fights of early medieval warriors (in Slavic and Viking teams), live music and craft demonstrations. You could see the medieval kitchen, dyeing fabrics with tree bark, tablet weaving, historical carpentry workshop and many more. As befits the midsummer night, we made flower wreaths, which this time did not flow down the river, but with rain 🙂