The Jagiellonian Fair

On the weekend of August 17-19, 2018 folk art, handicraft and folk music took over the old city of Lublin! The Jagiellonian Fair, which takes place in Lublin annually,  gathered folk artists, musicians and contemporary designers inspired by folk culture from Poland and abroad. The program offered lots of attractions. The streets of the old town were filled with stands where you could buy handmade things, such as textiles, folk cutouts, embroidery, lace, wooden products, baskets, ceramics and many more. There were also workshops for children and adults, where you could try your hand at many old crafts and see how you can use them in contemporary design. In the evenings, during concerts and dance parties you could hear polkas, obereks, waltzes, tango and foxtrots, as well as novel combinations of folk and contemporary music.