Touch Lodz!

We are happy to announce that the Wici Association received funding for the project “Touch Lodz! Nature and art of parks – sensory walks” in the competition of the Lodz City Council for projects in the field culture, art and heritage protection. The project involves a series of thematic walks based on the ideas of sensory education, directed to residents of Lodz. We will also record two educational films disseminating knowledge about the park culture, specifics of sculptor’s work, and the natural and cultural wealth of Lodz parks.

The project was initiated by Anna Raczkowska, president of Wici, sculptor and founder of Hap Hap Studio.

We have a lot of green areas and parks in Lodz. Most of us visit them every day, but walk the beaten paths. We go for a walk without being really aware of the natural and cultural richness of parks. The natural wealth is related to the history of Lodz parks. When the parks were established, industrialists brought in various interesting species of non-native plants which we can still admire today. In the project, we will focus on approaching plants and experiencing them with all our senses.

Regarding the cultural aspect, I think parks are unique, open galleries – we can come close to monuments, admire their details, textures and structures (my favorite word! :)). Participants of the sensory walks will be able to learn how park sculptures are created. I will show the “behind the scenes” of the process of creating such objects. My field of interest is sensory education and haptic art, that is why during the walks we will travel off the beaten path, we will approach sculptures from the sensory side. We will stimulate the senses to remind ourselves to use them more often in exploring our environment, even the everyday one that we have known for years.

I invite participants of all ages. Sensory learning supports the well-being of children and adults alike.

Anna Raczkowska, sculptor, project coordinator

The project involves the implementation of a number of free activities:

a) 2 sensory walks for residents of Lodz,

b) 1 webinar on sensory education,

c) 2 educational films about Lodz parks and their sculptures,

d) 1 electronic publication about Lodz parks, the aim of which is to inspire people to independently discover the sensory aspects of urban art.

We will inform about the dates of sensory walks on the website and Facebook pages of the Wici Association and HAP HAP Studio.

Sensory walks

Two sensory park walks were organised as part of the Touch Łódź project. During the walks, participants experienced the textures and structures of natural surfaces, as well as monuments and sculptures that make up the park’s open-air art gallery. We are very thankful to the brave seniors who embraced the storm and the new experiences alike.


On November 27, 2021, the webinar “About touch in education – how to create sensory walks?” took place. Anna Raczkowska presented sensory walk as a method of education and a way of spending free time. The recording of the webinar is available on our YouTube channel in Polish.

Film I – Sensory walk in the Helenów Park

The first film about the culture and nature of Lodz parks. Go with Anna on her original sensory walk in the Helenów Park. Awaken your senses and learn about the nature and culture of this amazing park. The video is in Polish.

Film II – sensory walk around the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

The second of the films of the project Touch Łódź !, in which Anna Raczkowska talks about sculptures, materials and green areas around the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

Promotional partner: Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń.

Film production and editing: Dzika Kępa Studio.

“Touch Łódź! The nature and art of Łódź parks – sensory walks” was funded by Lodz City Council.